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Post Natal Massage

Postnatal massage is a fantastic way to treat your body after delivery as the body changes & adapts to the next stage of motherhood. Post-natal massage can have long-lasting physical, psychological, and emotional benefits. : 

Relieve sore and overstretched ligaments of the  lower back areas

Release tight hips and sore leg muscles

Normalize hormone levels in your body bringing you to a more balanced state of mind

Decrease any edema that is still present, flushing out metabolic waste that is in the blood and lymph systems.

 60 - 70 min

 Price .. : 600 Kr.


Come Let us take care of you as you take care for your baby.


Best to consult your doctor regarding post-natal massage.

Just to let you know, stress ages people faster, and that getting a massage at least once every week can decrease aging by 20%. Think about it. 

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