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Upper Lip

60 kr


All Face Waxing

399 kr.

with depilar, 400 kr.

Half Leg Waxing

250 kr.


Full Legs / Bikini

499 kr.

Bikini ​Waxing

150 kr.

with depilar, 270 kr.

Half Brazillian

299 kr.



Axil  ( Armpit ) 

160 kr.

with depilar, 225 kr.



Full Legs Waxing

450 kr.

Back Waxing

300 kr.


Chest waxing

250 Kr.

with depilar, 400 kr.

Brazillian ​Waxing

499 kr.



with depilar , 600 kr.


Waxing is the clostest you can get to permant hair removal. After one treatment it will take 4-6 weeks before new hair will begin to grow out again. Almost every part of the body can be waxed, including, eyebrow, face, bikini area, legs, arms and back. A frequent waxing will lead to a remarkable reduction of the hair growth.

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The Depilar Waxing System . Enzyme-based hair removal for silky smooth results

The Depilar System uses the latest in advanced scientific research to offer an effective and affordable method for the reduction of unwanted body hair for all sexes, races, hair colors, and hair types. Depilar is applied after waxing and is completely pain free. For best results.n order to see satisfactory results, 4-week intervals between sessions are recommended for applications on the face, and 5-6-week intervals for applications on the body.  8-24 sessions is recommended, depending on the area of treatment.

After each successive application, re-growth time for remaining hair will be longer and the hairs finer and easier to remove. A noticeable decrease in hair growth will be visible after the fourth session. Note that clients may have a temporary increase in hair growth following the first sessions as the body is reacting to the application. This will allow for increased efficacy during subsequent sessions and even more visible results.

All Face Waxing

399 kr.

with depilar, 400 kr.

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