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​Eyebrows are a very significant aspect of our appearance. They are one of the most distinctive features that make up our faces

Did you know that the shape of your eyebrows might be communicating a false message about what you're feeling? Eyebrows are important as they influence the way we look.


A rounder face should have a higher arch to add length to facial structure. A square-shaped face should have rounder brows to soften facial features. An oval face can carry an eyebrow that is not too defined and not too round but right in between. Lastly, a heart-shaped face should have a straighter brow to lessen the length of the face.”

Damone Roberts 

Eye Brow/ Lashes

Curled lashes make the eyes look more open and gives and enlarged look. This can be helpful especially for those people who have eyelids that have begun to droop. This can make older people look younger and fresher. The problem with using traditional eyelash curlers is that they can break off your eyelashes. Additionally, a traditional curler has to be used every day, and the curls will not hold up in the water. Permanent eyelash curling can answer these problems while giving your lashes a longer look and adding definition to your eyes.

Correction of eyebrow

price  199 kr

Parmanent eye lashes culr

( Hold up to 6 weeks )

pris.  249 kr

As a general rule, the light colored people should go for two shades darker eyebrows. And for dark haired people, two shades lighter brow color will accentuate their beauty.

Coloring of brow and lashes

Price. 250 kr.

Coloring of brow or lashes

Price. 150 kr

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Parmanent eye lashes extension


Beautify your looks with eyebrow coloring. The eyebrows if well defined make your eyes and face appear more attractive.

Coloring eyebrows is a good way to have the brows match one's colored hair. It is also a good way for women with gray eyebrows to revert to their original darker color. you even lighten your eyebrows to match blonde or reddish hair colors. 

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