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Coolifting Facial Boost

 The Coolifting treatment generates a double effect, The immediate effect, (Lifting) smoothes the skin, enhance luminosity, rebalance skin tone, eliminate superficial wrinkles and reduce deep wrinkles

    The lasting effect, (Rejuvenating ): Collagen stimulation, elastin, dermis regeneration, improves skin texture and quality.


Coolifting is designed to treat the eyes’ outline, forehead, frown, cheeks and lips’ area.

This lasting treatment generates a durable rejuvenating effect that adds itself to the immediate lifting effect.

55 min.                       

Price  - 899 kr.
Now  -  799  kr.


  ( 4 Session in a month. ) (  1 per week  ) for the start.


       Maintenance treatment:    A session every two weeks   or  three weeks --    =  499 kr



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